RTD (Read The Docs)

If you would like kernel.org to host documentation for your project, component, or subtree, then the best way to do that is to host it on readthedocs.org with a custom foo.docs.kernel.org subdomain.

Hosting on git.kernel.org vs. GitHub/Gitlab

Since you probably want to make it easy for someone to contribute drive-by edits, the best option is to host the source of your documentation on GitHub/Gitlab, which would allow people to easily fork and submit pull requests for any doc edits. There is a lot of pre-existing integration between GitHub/Gitlab and RTD, so this is the path of least resistance.

You can also request to set up a tree on git.kernel.org under pub/scm/docs and either push a copy of your commits there, or use it as the master source of your documentation, in which case we will need to manually integrate it with RTD.

Requesting a hook integration

If you do decide to host the master source of your docs on git.kernel.org, then you can request hook integration. Send an email to helpdesk@kernel.org providing all the necessary parameters for the webhook curl call, as described in RTD documentation:

Requesting a docs.kernel.org subdomain

Once you have your documentation ready, please send a request to helpdesk@kernel.org, specifying:

  • the current shared-domain URL of your RTD project
  • the docs.kernel.org subdomain you would like

Once we review the content on the shared-domain site, we will set up the CNAME record for your subdomain and you will then be able to configure it on readthedocs.org.