If you are looking for a fediverse-enabled microblogging platform, there is a hosted solution offered at, running Akkoma.

Please read the about page for terms of service and the privacy policy.

If you have a account

If you already have a account and would like to register on, you can display the invite link by running the following command:

ssh social invite


Please only create an account if you actually intend to use it. If you already have an established presence on the Fediverse elsewhere, we encourage you to continue using it and just set the webfinger pointer as described below.

If you DON’T have a account

This service is offered to anyone with an entry in the MAINTAINERS file, so you can qualify even if you don’t have a account.

Note, that there is nothing inherently special about the instance. There are many fediverse-enabled platforms providing free registrations, many of which are specifically dedicated to technology and Free Software communities. Here are some examples:

Many others exist if these are not suitable for your needs.

Nonetheless, if you are convinced that is the best place for your account, please send a request to, using the following template:

Subject: account request for [Your Name]

I would like a account because I am the
maintainer of the [kernel subsbystem].

Setting your webfinger

If you have a account and would like to be “discoverable” via your address, you will need to set up a webfinger service to point at your home in the fediverse.

To do that, run the following command:

ssh social set

This will perform the webfinger query to the fediverse service you specify and set the webfinger response on the side of things.

Note, that it takes about 5 minutes for the change to replicate to all frontends.

If you would like to remove your webfinger info:

ssh social rm

To see what it is currently set to (if anything):

ssh social show

With all other questions, please contact