Requesting a new wiki site


Do you really need a wiki?

Back in the rosy days of the early Internet, wikis made perfect sense. Today, unless you’re willing to constantly monitor your wiki for spam and abuse, you shouldn’t really be asking to set up a wiki. What you probably want instead is a documentation site. Please review RTD (Read The Docs), and strongly consider if it’s a better fit than having a wiki.

We provide both mediawiki and dokuwiki sites – our preferred solution being dokuwiki as it is more lightweight and looks cleaner. To request a new wiki site, please send the following information to

  • Desired wiki software: Dokuwiki (preferred) or Mediawiki (discouraged)
  • Name of the site: []
  • Reasons for the site: [Kernel module documentation, etc]
  • LFID of the administrators: [to obtain your LFID, create an account on ]