Git Patchwork Bot

If you have received an automated notification from a friendly bot, this is because the maintainers to whom you sent your patches rely on Patchwork to track, review and apply the patches they receive from contributors.

You are awesome, thank you!

I don’t want these!

If you do not want to receive these notifications, simply add the sender address (patchwork-bot+[projectname] or notify+[projectname] to your block/auto-archive filter. Please don’t mark it as spam, because doing so may cause you to no longer receive email from other kernel developers.

It missed some of my patches!

The bot is only able to recognize the patches that weren’t significantly changed. If your patches were tweaked for variable naming, comments, whitespace, or other stylistic purposes, then the bot will no longer be able to make a reasonable match.

Source code

You can find the source for the bot in the helpers repository:

Adding the bot to your patchwork project

Please refer to How to request a new project on patchwork.